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Shouting the odds: the Gambling Commission gets tough

Gambling firms paid a record £19.6m in fines for failing to stop money laundering and protect problem gamblers. Its [...]

Swiss government proposes overhaul of money-laundering laws

The Swiss government wants to revamp the laws against money laundering so that lawyers, notaries and other advisors are [...]

Jailed ‘spy’ to pay up or face more time

A Norfolk tax fraudster who claimed he was a spy in an attempt to cover his tracks has been [...]

Lloyds freezes 8,000 offshore bank accounts

Lloyds has frozen 8,000 accounts of offshore banking customers after they failed to provide identity information in response to [...]

Drug traffickers convicted after laundering millions through sham companies

An extensive criminal organisation that supplied class A drugs and laundered millions of pounds in illicit profits has been [...]

Money launderers target middle aged for their bank accounts

Middle-aged people in the UK are increasingly being lured into becoming ‘money mules’ and their bank accounts used to [...]