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Suspected money laundering gang members arrested

HMRC officers have arrested 13 people and seized £1.5 million in cash during a UK-wide operation targeting suspected money [...]

‘UK law change could prevent scrutiny of money launderers’

Plans to introduce laws in Britain to combat money laundering could prevent the media and researchers from accessing vital [...]

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Producer arrested on suspicion of money laundering

Riza Aziz, a producer on Martin Scorsese’s blockbuster film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, has been arrested in Malaysia [...]

US lawyers critical of new anti-corruption proposal

The American Bar Association – which represents the country’s lawyers – is opposing a new bill aimed at fighting [...]

Crackdown on London drug gangs’ money laundering operations

A number of bureaux de change and currency transfer businesses are to be raided by police in the second [...]

Swiss to return £100m to Uzbekistan after money laundering probe

The Swiss government is returning 130 million Swiss francs to Uzbekistan which it had seized during an investigation involving [...]