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Qatar-owned bank investigated over ML controls

A British bank owned by Qatar and linked to Islamist organizations is under investigation over its money laundering controls. [...]

£100m Account Freezing Orders are largest granted to NCA

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has been granted freezing orders on eight bank accounts containing a total of more [...]

Spain money laundering gang broken up

The National Police and Civil Guard of Spain have dismantled a criminal organisation based in Toledo and Madrid that [...]

Malta to strip money laundering fraudster of citizenship

The Maltese authorities have started the process to withdraw Maltese citizenship from Mustafa Abdel-Wadood under the Individual Investor Programme, [...]

New licence conditions for casino with ML and social responsibility failures

Personal management licence holders at Casino 36 must undertake extra training as part of a £300,000 penalty package for [...]

Unexplained Wealth Order secured on properties owned by Irish suspect

A Northern Irish woman with suspected links to serious organised crime has been ordered to explain how she financed [...]