Chatham mini-market a front for money laundering

Two people have been jailed for running an international [...]

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Global action leads to 228 arrests

Law enforcement authorities from 31 countries, supported by Europol, [...]

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Stamps literally laundered in £270k fraud

A man who washed 700,000 used stamps and sold [...]

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Uncle of Syrian dictator on trial for money laundering

Rifaat al-Assad, known as the Butcher of Hama for [...]

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Money ‘muling’ is money laundering: NECC launches awareness campaign

Letting someone use your bank account to move money [...]

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New digital bank targeted

Bo, a new digital bank set up by the [...]

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Westpac’s ‘accountable persons’ face disqualification after AML scandal

The Australian financial regulator has warned Westpac it could [...]

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Trio imprisoned for computer crimes and money laundering

Three fraudsters who used malware to steal tens of [...]

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Swiss updating anti money laundering systems

Switzerland is revamping its mechanism to report suspected money [...]

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