Netflix’s lawyers take fight to Mossack Fonseca over The Laundromat lawsuit

Netflix has moved to shut down a lawsuit from [...]

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Trusts and Fifth Money Laundering Directive

Croner Taxwise author Kiya Jacobs examines the potential pitfalls [...]

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London letting agents guilty of money laundering

A trio of London estate agents have received suspended [...]

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Reliance on banks ‘hindering money laundering investigations’

Governments are failing to tackle international money laundering and [...]

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Chinese national guilty of fraud and money laundering

A Chinese national who was responsible for operating a [...]

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Betfred company hit by £322k fine

An online gambling operator will pay £322,000 for money [...]

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Ledgers land £3.5 million launderer with jail sentence

A Manchester crook who went on the run when [...]

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Law firms tighten up anti-money laundering activities

The number of reports submitted by accountants to the [...]

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Cayman Islands pledges to strengthen money-laundering measures

The Cayman Islands is to make public information on [...]

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Swedbank fires three executives as it admits to money laundering failings

Stockholm-based Swedbank has fired three top executives after admitting [...]

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