Accountant jailed for stealing £2.4m from rock legends Deep Purple

A director who stole £2.4 million from two companies [...]

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Businesses to be given increased protections from crime

Companies will be better protected from fraud under new [...]

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Deutsche Bank staff flagged suspicious Trump transactions, report claims

Financial crime specialists at Deutsche Bank flagged multiple transactions [...]

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Fears over ‘loopholes’ in Overseas Entities Bill

The Registration of Overseas Entities Bill does not do [...]

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Money laundering fines soar as government cracks down

Fines imposed by HMRC for failing to comply with [...]

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Ex-Danske CEO Borgen charged over money laundering

Danish prosecutors have charged Thomas Borgen, former chief executive [...]

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Accountant and bankers jailed for stealing £390k from customers

Three men have been jailed after defrauding elderly bank [...]

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NCA busts money laundering ring after eight-year investigation

Around £6m worth of assets, including an award-winning luxury [...]

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Estate agents ‘no longer biggest money laundering risks’, report suggests

Estate agency may be one of the least appealing [...]

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Fourteen banks raided in Germany

German tax investigators and police have raided 14 German [...]

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