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AMLCC Product FAQs

Product Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register under the Data Protection Act to use AMLCC?

You will need to register under the Data Protection Act as the act regulates the use of "personal data" which cover obtaining, recording and holding the data.

How do I register/subscribe to the AMLCC product?

To register/subscribe to the AMLCC product just follow the below link that will take you to the correct page:

To register for AMLCC click here

You will need to fill in the relevant details and also add to the "discount code" box any discounts you may have received from your supervisory body regarding the product. Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email shortly after with your login details.

What are the different access logins that you receive with the AMLCC product?

When you sign up to the AMLCC product you will receive 3 separate logins:

  • Firm Login:The firm login details receive the highest access to the product as it allows you to edit business & staff details. This is emailed to you after your registration has been successful.

  • MLRO Login: This login allows for the MLRO to have access to their own specific training video and to also see which staff members have completed their training and also to be able to receive reports from staff members that will need to be sent off as a SAR. You will create your MLRO login as part of your initial setup of your firm in the system.

  • STAFF Login: Each staff member at the firm will have their own login details for the product in order to be able to complete their training and upload their own clients (if applicable).

The product comes with access for the firm, the MLRO and 3 staff members. If you require more staff logins then you can purchase additional users by ordering on-line.

You will need to use the firm login to set up your firm details and create your MLRO and staff logins. If you are a sole practitioner you will only need to setup the MLRO login. In the day-to-day use of the system, you will use the MLRO and/or staff logins as appropriate.

What do you need to add to your letter of engagement if you sign up to AMLCC?

You will need to add a paragraph to your current letter of engagement to advise your clients that you may to carry out online verification on them for AML purposes. You do not require their permission for this but you do need to make them aware that these checks will happen. To do this you should mention in your letter of engagement that you use online AML checks in order to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.

When will I receive login details after I have signed up to the product?

You will receive an email with your login details between 5-10 minutes after signing up to the product. Always check your junk mail if you have not received them within this time frame. If you have still yet to receive this email then contact the AMLCC team who will be able to assist you.

What do you do if you forget your password?

If you know your username then you can click the forgotten password link on the login page and enter your user name and click “email password”. You will receive 4 digits on screen and then receive a further 4 digits within an email. You will need to put these 8 digits together to use as your new password. If you do not know your username you will need to call the AMLCC team who will be able to assist you with this.

How do I change my username & password?

Each separate user can change their login username to something more memorable if they wish. To change your username you need to login and click on 'Personal Details'. You can change your username to something you will remember.

However at present you cannot do the same with your password. Your password can only be changed to a system generated random one, which will be displayed to you during the procedure. If your password requires changing, you need to follow the procedure in the FAQ above 'What to do if you forget your password?" In addition your MLRO can change any staff member's password. To do this the MLRO needs to login; and go to the Admin header and then click on staff. This will bring up all of the details for that particular login and the MLRO will be able to edit accordingly and then click 'update results' to save the revised details.

What provider does AMLCC use for online verifications?

The online client verification tool is provided by Equifax and produces online verifications for residents in the UK.

We have a link to the Equifax database from our website. Therefore you can run on-line verifications using the AMLCC system, once you have registered.

What are the costs of online client verifications?

The costs for the online verifications are £3+vat each. You can purchase these verifications in bulk if you think you will be requiring multiple verifications. There are discounts for bulk purchases of CVs in the ranges of 50, 100 and 200. Please see the Registration page on our website for details.

How do I order the online client verifications?

Once you have filled in the necessary details for your client it will give you the option at the bottom of the page to 'carry out verification'. This will be what you will need to click in order to complete an online verification on the client. It will also give you the option to store this verification on the client's file.

How often are the training questions updated?

The training for both the staff and the MLRO includes a video for them to watch first followed by a series of questions for them to answer. Both the video content and the questions are updated annually to ensure they are in line with the regulations.

What is the pass rate for the test on the AMLCC training?

The pass rate for the AMLCC staff training is 80%. If you pass then you will be issued with a certificate that you should print 2 copies off; 1 for your MLRO and 1 for you to keep for your own records. If you fail you will need to wait 1 week before you can re-take the test.

Where are the passed certificates for the online training held?

You will need to login as the MLRO in order to see where the pass certificates are stored.

Once you are logged in if you go to training, then staff, a list should appear to show you who has completed their training (with certificates attached) and who is still yet to undertake the training.

When will I receive my renewal email?

We do not currently send renewal emails to remind users of the end of their subscription..

Questions that are often asked are given below.

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