Money Laundering Regulations

The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 came into force in the UK on 15 December 2007.

They place additional burdens on the regulated sector which includes accountants and estate agents.

In response to these Money Laundering Regulations, we have developed an anti-money laundering product which assists accountants and estate agents in their compliance.

Covering all areas of the Money Laundering Regulations:

  • Compliance manual
  • Policy statement
  • Online money laundering training modules
  • Online risk assessments for your customer due diligence
  • Electronic verifications tool to verify your clients identities
  • Online record keeping to help you prove your compliance
  • Online reporting functions to allow internal reports to be made
  • Monthly Compliance Matters email to keep you updated on all money laundering matters

What others
say about AMLCC

"From a Regulators perspective it is a real help when we visit practitioners who actively use the AMLCC product as it helps them to identify key compliance requirements in relation to Money Laundering Regulations. Also the online program is in a format that easily transcends into our quality assurance monitoring programme. If we know our members are using AMLCC we get comfort from the fact that they are on the right track to compliance."

Director of Administration, Supervisory Body